Our Story

 I grew up in the middle of nowhere Indiana until a few years after my parents’ divorce. When my mom got remarried, we moved to Virginia leaving behind everything I knew. My friends, my family, even my brothers, but there was a small part of me that was excited to see what was next.

 I started my junior year of high school in the smallest school I had ever seen. This is also when I got my first job. I was life-guarding at a beautiful resort. Which is eventually where I met my sweet husband.

 Being six years apart in age, we were in very different places in our lives. I was getting ready to start my college career and he was just finishing up. I moved back to Indiana for college and his career took him all over the country. We were long distance off and on for years. I finished school and he finally got a promotion that allowed him to stay in one place. Mostly. Only catch was that the position was based out of California.

 We lived there blissfully for years. I started my career as a behavioral therapist and we started building our empire. Camping, hiking, and exploring California on the weekends. Grinding hard during the week. Both of us getting raises, promotions, and pats on the back.

 Later we were met with another opportunity. This meant leaving the beautiful state we had come to love but we’re young and we were ready for another adventure. Which is how we ended up in New Jersey where we finally got married and started our perfect little family. Living in the farm house that has been in my husband’s family for nearly 200 years.

Between traveling, starting my career, getting married, taking care of an old but absolutely lovely home (that still needs a lot of work), being pregnant, a first time mommy, and breastfeeding, I have learned so much. Which led me here. To share our adventures, hard work, successes, failures, and lessons learned with the world. ♥

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