Pumping At Work

Pumping at work isn’t always the most comfortable thing to do but if you’re properly prepared, t it can at least go smoothly. And coming from the girl who had to pump in her car, I know just how uncomfortable it can be. 20180711_104138

So first and foremost you need a bag. A big one. Pumping is so much easier if you have everything you need right in one place. Mine is simple but pretty. I think I got it at Target. Whether it’s a back pack for a diaper bag or even a shoulder bag from Michael Kors, as long as it’s big enough to fit everything inside, it’s perfect. If it’s pretty enough that you enjoy looking at it everyday, then that’s just an added bonus.

Next you need your pump itself obviously! But not so obvious when you’re rushing around in the morning trying to get ready for work. Which is why the bag is so amazing. I bring it in the house with me everyday after work and take it out to the car every morning before work. Any time I have to pump at home, my pump goes right back in the bag when I’m finished so I don’t forget it the next day. Always put that bad boy back in your pump bag. It’s less likely to grow legs and disappear 😉

Pump accessories is somehow the one thing I always manage to forget. So don’t be like me in that regard. But I keep them in a plastic sandwich bag for two reasons. 1. to keep them from rolling around in the bottom of my bag and picking up whatever fuzz or junk might be lurking down there. And 2. it keeps the milk mess contained to the bag after a pumping session.
Water bottle. I am so terrible about drinking the amount of water I should be so I tend to put water bottles everywhere to remind myself to drink. In my pump bag is one of those places.

Something to pump into. I use a bit of everything. I have had so many ladies ask me what I prefer to use, but honestly it’s just about what’s available and clean when I’m getting ready in the morning. If it can hold my liquid gold and go in the freezer, it’s for me. Now, that’s not to say I’m pumping into a Tupperware. I’m not. I use either storage bags or storage bottles that fit my pump. This is important because otherwise you’re haSnapchat-1417420300ving to hold the bag or bottle very carefully so it doesn’t move and spill milk everywhere. And being that I pump in my car, that isn’t a game I want to play. 

Speaking of pumping in the car, a nursing cover! So depending on your work situation, you may want to throw a nursing cover in your pump bag. Even if you aren’t sure, throw it in there until you are sure. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Lunch bag/box and ice packs. Gotta keep that liquid gold cold. I also don’t have a fridge to put my milk in after I pump. So I throw it in a lunch bag with a couple of ice packs and it keeps it cold enough to get me home. Also, make sure you think about where you are putting the milk after you pump. If you DO have a fridge to put it in, make sure you’re going to be comfortable with other people seeing it in the fridge and trusting that no one will tamper with it. Putting it in a lunch bag before you put it in the fridge might save you some stress later.

Snacks. Your body works hard making milk and it’s important to keep your tummy full and your body healthy and energized. I usually have a MamaChia pouch (chia is good for milk supply) and a couple granola bars or a piece of fruit in there. If you’re sitting down anyways, may as well have a snack!

Pump wipes. These are so great because they allow me to wipe off some of the excess milk from my pump accessories before putting them back in the little bag. The bag is far less messy when I get home from work and have to clean everything up.

It’s always important to find what works best for you. It can be extremely challenging and so much of finding what works for you is trial and error. Hang in there mommas and Happy Pumping!!

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