Raising her as her.

She looks like she’s been rolling around in the dirt. Because she has.

I love everything about this girl. She is the perfect mix of “plays rough and isn’t afraid to get dirty”, and “paint my nails pink and make my hair pretty.”

Her shirt is from the boy’s department of Target. Two weeks ago I bought her dinosaurs. And she loves to pretend she’s Lightening McQueen.

But in the very next breath she’s a princess in a castle, with hot pink polish on her fingers and toes. She loves to wear dresses have her hair done in braids and top knots. She walks around the house with her purse and her baby doll, taking the upmost care of the crying baby.

I made a promise to her before she was even born to always love and support her in any and ever way I possibly could. And if that means boys clothes from Target, done! If it means hot wheels cars and magic tracks, done! If it means princess dresses and tutus, done and done! I want her to always know that she is free to be who she is. And I know she’s only 2 right now, but teaching them to love themselves and be who they want to be starts early. I want her choices to make her happy. And I want her to be confident in her choices. Now and 20 years from now.

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