I Bought A Derma Roller!

Day one

AH! So excited when I got the ping on my phone while I was out that my derma roller had been delivered. First thing I did when I got home was open it up. It came in this nice little plastic case. Purple and black and so luxurious.

I did my research before buying in and after finding a Groupon, I caved. I read that it is to be used horizontally, vertically, then horizontally on each section of your face. So that is what I did. It honestly felt quite relaxing. I feel like we don’t give our faces enough attention. Maybe that’s why our faces age so much more quickly than the rest of us. We work out and pump blood to our muscles, we get massages and even if they aren’t professional, our spouse significant other still seems to manage to give us a pretty good rub down here and there. At least I know mine does. You know, If I beg! ha! We slather it with makeup everyday, and some of us don’t even bother to take it off at night before bed. Not only leaving makeup on our faces all night, but saturating our pillow with day old makeup, and laying in it every other night after that. Clean face or not, that pillow is no longer clean. Ew.

First use:

So after my fist use, my face feels fine! My neck on the other hand..

It’s that mix between tingling and itching. More annoying than anything. If you have allergies, you know exactly what I’m talking about. My eye balls are all too familiar with this feeling. I know that it isn’t going to hurt me long term, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s annoying. Hence why I’m currently sitting here writing this instead of sleeping.

Second use:

Well my second use went really well. I was much less nervous about all the tiny needles I was putting into my skin. And no, I have not bled at all from this process. I’ve seen some down right scary videos and pictures of derma roller usage, and making myself bleed is not on my list of things to do. Beauty is pain may be true, but I have my limits.

Now, I will say that the after I used my roller for the second time, I decided against makeup the next day. When I sat down and started putting on makeup, my skin was burning, and since a skin infection is far worse than a day without makeup, I washed my face and went without.

Week 2:

So I have been using my derma roller for about 2 weeks now. My skin has been feeling much tighter! You know when your skin is dry and it feels a bit tight? Well it’s similar to that except it’s much deeper and my skin is very moisturized so I know it’s not dry. Even with the changing of weather and freezing cold.

Last night I took my makeup off before bed, as I do EVERY night no matter how tired I am. I got the makeup off, the derma roller used, and my night cream on. When I looked in the mirror I was so unbelievably pleased with the way my skin is looking. It looks young and fresh and so beautifully clear. Pretty enough to go without makeup even. And it feels so good.

The bottom line is, I highly recommend a derma roller!

I will do more updates as time goes on, and have been taking pictures of my derma journey which I will definitely share in my next derma roller post!

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